Innovation RH

Achieve The Extraordinary With Innovation RH As Your Strategic Partner In Human Resources


To reach your business objectives, focus on the essential… people

Whether your business is just getting started, experiencing sustained growth, facing organizational change, merging with another company or in the middle of an acquisition, Innovation RH Inc. is there to help you improve your organization’s efficiency and profitability by optimizing its most precious asset — your human resources. Look to us for your short- to medium-term HR needs or to outsource your human resources activities.

Our team of experienced human resources professionals is ready to provide coaching services tailored to meet your particular requirements.

Consulting Services

  • Sharing our expertise with management
  • Assisting with team management
  • Supporting the management of difficult situations
  • Helping with change management and handling crises
  • Job search counseling for managers and professionals

Innovation RH offers the option of setting up a competitively-priced bank of consulting hours.


Organizational Development

To achieve lasting success, you must first and foremost develop your human potential – the very essence of an organization.

  • Strategic planning of human resources
  • Developing a corporate structure
  • Assistance with defining roles and responsibilities
  • Assessing the human resources service or the entire organization to determine areas of improvement
  • Carrying out employee satisfaction surveys and work environment analyses
  • Identifying staffing requirements and succession planning
  • Pinpointing development requirements
  • Delivering customized training seminars covering key human resources management topics (performance management, effective communication, delegating, interviewing techniques, change management, diversity management, etc.)
  • Developing human resources management tools, policies and programs:
    • Employee handbooks
    • Performance appraisal processes
    • Staffing and compensation policies
    • Satisfaction and loyalty programs
  • Implementing group insurance and retirement plans

Innovation RH Inc. is a training body certified by Emploi-Québec.


Outsourcing Your Human Resources Activities

How do you outsource human resources?

Outsourcing human resources means entrusting all or part of your human resources activities to an external partner such as Innovation RH. The result? Best-in-class management services provided by experienced professionals for less than if you hired full-time staff.

Innovation RH’s team of experienced human resources consultants offers diverse areas of specialization to address specific needs as they arise:

  • Managing your company’s human resources activities or supporting your existing HR management. Our involvement could range from only a few hours a month to several hours a week.
  • Temporarily replacing a human resources specialist or manager who has taken a leave of absence or has left the company.

Strategic Recruiting

With a proven track record in recruiting, Innovation RH has developed uniquely effective strategies to find the talented, motivated candidates you need. Depending on your requirements, we can partner with you through the following:

  • Recruiting for professional and management positions
  • Taking full charge of your recruiting process, or assisting on a per-need basis
  • Developing recruiting tools
  • Developing an employer branding

Implementing Human Resources Services

When founding a new company, adequately managing human resources is vital to its long-term success. Rely on the professionals at Innovation RH to help you with:

  • Implementing a Human Resources Department
  • Providing operational support once the company is up and running

Through our network of carefully-selected partners, Innovation RH is also able to offer the following related services:

  • Implementing administrative and financial services
  • Researching grants
  • Providing long-term operational support for administrative management, finance and accounting
  • Commercial law and taxation

These services are intended for Canadian or international companies wishing to operate in the Province of Quebec.