Innovation RH

Achieve The Extraordinary With Innovation RH As Your Strategic Partner In Human Resources

Organizational Development

To achieve lasting success, you must first and foremost develop your human potential – the very essence of an organization.

  • Strategic planning of human resources
  • Developing a corporate structure
  • Assistance with defining roles and responsibilities
  • Assessing the human resources service or the entire organization to determine areas of improvement
  • Carrying out employee satisfaction surveys and work environment analyses
  • Identifying staffing requirements and succession planning
  • Pinpointing development requirements
  • Delivering customized training seminars covering key human resources management topics (performance management, effective communication, delegating, interviewing techniques, change management, diversity management, etc.)
  • Developing human resources management tools, policies and programs:
    • Employee handbooks
    • Performance appraisal processes
    • Staffing and compensation policies
    • Satisfaction and loyalty programs
  • Implementing group insurance and retirement plans

Innovation RH Inc. is a training body certified by Emploi-Québec.